"Is not empty" logic incorrect

No updates to our application, but a critical workflow stopped working and shut us down and forced us to introduce quick fix. The logic for an empty “Thingstojson” was returning True even though it was False. Any others experiencing logic shifts with “is not empty” conditionals?

JSON Assistant version 3.2.1

Workflow Image:

Was the expression involving the plugin the only one affected? Did any of your other expressions with the plugin get affected?

How about other “is not empty” expressions not involvong the plugin? Are they working as intended?

Great question.

Still debugging other workflows, but it looks like it’s going to be specific to this plugin.

It looks like the plugin is returning a “” which must be what’s triggering it to not be empty.

This workflow was working at 7:00 this morning, then not working at 3:00 this afternoon. Not sure what could’ve caused this without updating the plugin.

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