Email input is showing empty but condition is showing that it is not empty


Has anyone else experience this issue where you are trying to run a WF only when the email input is empty but when you go to inspect the function it shows this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 5.18.09 PM
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 5.18.20 PM

This [object Object] is making my conditional fail and thus not allow my WF to run.

If anyone knows this is intentional or a workaround for this then please let me know!

Can you share images of your editor, elements and workflow?

So I realized that when you check off the “This input should not be empty” it creates that [object Object] inside the input. Super annoying but I can see why they did that.

I guess my next question would be if I have to refactor my workflows to check to make sure the input isn’t empty or is there a workaround for that?

You’re looking for the “is Valid” (and “is not Valid”) states.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately an empty email input is considered a valid state

Not by default. You’re doing something odd. What is it that you’re doing, I wonder?

I am trying to do a simple task, if the user forgets to fill out the email input then show a pop out

and the preview is telling me that when the input is empty, the state is valid.
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 8.59.04 PM

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