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Is server side "filtering" even possible?

I have a User query similar to the image below. Is there any way to do this on the server and avoid exposing every single user’s data to the current browser user? Not to mention sending a bunch of data that is unnecessary and slowing things down.

If you’ll use advanced filtering in a backend API workflow - it will be executed server-side.

Don’t assume this as any faster than client side advanced filtering, you may find client side will actually be faster in some cases since you can utilize the client’s processing power. If it is a huge list you may find WU cost high as it needs to check each item server side, but it would prevent the browser from locking up.

It seems you just want to prevent a huge list from being downloaded to client browser so this might be a good idea, but also take a look at your data structure, there is probably a way to restructure where you can use search constraints to make this much more efficient.

Also scheduling an API workflow can’t return values to the client unless you put together an API call to your own app

I wish the intersect operator was server side, looks like maybe there isn’t a more efficient way to do this though…

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In past I have achieved it by having a text field that has all the fruits (in given example) separated by comma and then in search for use contains keyword(s) . That way it is purely backend based and is faster than filtering later on.

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That is a good alternative to :intersect with if you only wanted to check a count > 0 :+1:

It could be done with unique IDs as well. Maybe they can implement a native operator that does this under the hood at some point like [list1] contains one of [list 2]