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Must simple filters on a list always be client-side?

I’ve read these posts and @petter’s book but I’m still confused:

Does a simple :filter operation on a short list of things always happen client side, or could it happen server side?

In my mobile app, I want to to minimize time of certain “matching” workflows between various things in the database. So I want those workflows to only occur on the server – not on the client, and certainly not hybrid with some actions on server and others on client, because the data going back and forth would add time.

There are ~10k things in database, and also each user has a list of their current things, which is ~20. To locate these things, my choice is either:

  1. Do a search within ~10k things, constraining first by user and then by another identifying field
  2. Do a filter on the user’s list of ~20 current things, filtering only by the identifying field

It seems like option 2 would be much faster – but not if the filter operation has to occur on the client’s device, rather than the server, because the data would have to go back and forth.

From reading the previous posts, it’s not clear if a simple filter like this situation would occur server side.

Note that this is not a filter on a search, not an Advanced Filter, and not being used in a Repeating Group. Also, the other match workflow actions before and after this action are server-side.

Thanks for your help

Have you tested both and seen if there was any noticeable difference?