Is the airbnb date selection design/workflow possible in bubble?

Is this design something you can reproduce in bubble, I am struggling to get close with the date pickers plugins available.

It is possible with a calendar picker, but you might needs to do some custom CSS and JS to get it as clean as that. I always think that although its great to focus on little details, getting the app fully working is more important, so I try not to waste too much time getting it to look exactly as you envisage it, as long as it works well.

All of the calendar pickers I have tried dont seem to be open, in a sense that you can see the month’s dates, through a custom state.

I dont know anything about custom CSS or JS so cant comment on that.

Certainly possible but with a little bit of work.
As you said most of the picker tools either seem broken or not great.
So you gotta make your own, Use plugin ‘calendar tool’. Chuck in a focus group and so on. You can design the calendar itself using bubble tools which is neat.

Okay, getting there…

Struggling to get the selected date to change colour once clicked. Any ideas?

Some logic issues were causing my states not to work. Seems to be functional now.

Any way to get the year to display for the dates underneath the month so that as a user scrolls through the months they can see which year they are in?

Sure, though I think design-wise, would look better at the top, like so:

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is it pure bubble ? Could you show the editor for read only ?