Is the API connector source code available to create a new plugin?

Does Bubble make available the API connector plugin project as to create a new plugin based on the API connector?

Or at least understand how it’s sending values. In my case I need to send the token as a parameter and not in the header.


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Not to my knowledge at least yet.

The answer is below. You have to do something that amounts to poor user experience. By the way, this is not like Bubble at all, where developer user experience is pretty much world class on most things. But in this case, not really. Can be improved.

You have to right-click somewhere on the background of your API area and press COPY. Then in the Plugin API section, press PASTE.

Perhaps a simple language change as follows: “You can convert your API calls to Plugins; simply press COPY anywhere on the background and then PASTE to the API area in the Plugin builder…”

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I think that everything start from the initial question. A wrong question may lead to wrong answer.
If I read your initial question, I would say exactly the same thing that you got. Not possible for what I know.
Now if you ask the question "is it possible to copy an API Connector Call to API Calls section in plugin builder… the answer I would give is: Yes. Click left on the API connection to copy and Go to plugin, create an API call, than click right to paste.

The initial question was: Is the API connector “SOURCE CODE” is available … the answer is no. You ask a question more like a dev (according to your profile you are). But don’t forget that Bubble is first a no-code platform and Bubble world is something different :wink:

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Point accepted. You make a good point about my question. It could have been phrased more clearly. I thought my stated purpose, to create a plug based on the API Connector plugin, was sufficient. I could have not predicted or assumed that copying from the API Connector Plug was possible.

However, it does not take away to the point I make that the implementation amounts to poor user experience. A right-click on the background of the API section in the plugin itself, really?

Exactly as you say, Bubble is first no-code, so more reason for the user experience to be better in this case.

Like I said, Bubble is usually world class in term of user experience. By sharing the answer (which took me some time to find in some youtube video), I hope to save other people some time.

Thanks @Jici for the feedback…


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