Is The Editor Slowing Down For Everyone, Or Is It Just Me?

My editor is borderline unusable and I’m trying to understand why.

When I look at the Task Manager, it shows 1 chrome window (bubble) using 80% of all memory and ample CPU.

Hard to understand why/how a single window will use up so much memory. When I run any other website I have no issues. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon with 8GB’s of DDR3 ram and an i7 processor.

I have to literally shut down the browser about 10 times every hour i’m working on bubble so that it’s somewhat usable but only then is it usable for about 10 minutes or less before it seems to get totally bogged down again.

It was never so bad before. It’s like all of the work is being done by local ram in the browser vs. using anything on the server.

I’ve adjusted capacity to 5 extra units but it really doesn’t do anything.

My page is quite ‘heavy’ but it’s not so heavy that the system should need to be totally shut down and re-logged in. It’s very frustrating, as you can imagine.

I noticed this happening several times as well - not sure what the reason is, as I have this issue while working on different apps (so don’t think it’s app specific?)


Doesn’t matter what app it is, larger apps seem more problematic, constantly bogging down to the point of restarting the browser 10 times an hour. Fan runs continuously on the machine as if it’s overheating and overworking.

&issues_off=true is your best friend if you haven’t used it already.

Add it to the end of your editor link - See mine below.

My editor is slow without it - But once I do have it, it’s like I have a new app again. Before I push to production, I turn it back on to check for errors.


That works quite well, thank you.

Jeez, this would have saved me months of time waiting for the damn editor! Awesome tip, thank you.

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This should be made very clear and added as a button to the dashboard. It works very well.

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Yes, really really bad over the last two days. I have switched from Chrome to the “new” Chromium based Edge in desperation.


There must be other factors at play here. This morning has been extremely fast (almost immediate) response time on the editor. My guess is that Sunday morning early ET (I’m in NYC) is low traffic time and this has a major impact.

Even brand new apps aren’t nearly as fast as they were.

I am not one to complain much, but I’m starting to dread having to work on some apps/pages because a simple change will take 5 browser re-opens, no issue checking, a full hour, and a few more grey hairs.

Back in the “old days” NYC time seemed to be very relevant, in that something was running in the background overnight that would slow us down around GMT mornings.

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Hopefully we will get to refer to these slow editor woes as the old days soon.


Yes, and much cheaper capacity…

Anything usable is 100’s of dollars each month and the jump to dedicated to great.

Have there been hints at cheaper capacity? I haven’t seen this… as opposed to a number of whispers around new infrastructure set up that should speed things up. I’m on the pro plan and hit capacity at unreasonably low activity levels.

Yeah… Its very bad in my opinion…

To start an app with 2 capacity at $130/mo only to have to add at the VERY least 5 more units brings it to $230/month.

That’s a lot of hosting/server at that price in general, especially only to find out you really need about 30 extra units to make the app work as it should.

I haven’t heard of any changes though.

What does issues_off=true do?

(I thought you were pranking us…)

Turns off the red issue checker inside the editor.

It helps a bit to speed things up just a bit.

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Just trying to record some videos of Bubble use. Editor is now unusable. Even with issue off.

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Can you report an actual situation so that we can look into it?

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I experienced the same issues these past days. Slow editor. Also the repeating group bug not automatically updating, you need to refresh to make repeating group update. Lastly, I don’t know why, but my app on live mode seems to consume more ram than before. One of my user experienced some slowing down of the live production app that she doesn’t used to.