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(Solved) Bubble editor on Windows 10 eating up memory and CPU

Not sure, if anyone else is having or this is an isolated issue with my PC. I often start to feel a lag while editing and then when I check taskbar. My memory for Chrome is 2000mb and cpu runs at 70 to 80 % on average. I am using windows 10. I will shifting to another laptop today and will check results on that too.

Can’t say I have noticed any issues on either W10 or a Chromebook. The latter is pretty skinny in terms of power.

So I wonder if it is another plugin ?

Not getting this behavior on my end, either. I’d be curious to hear your results on your other laptop. Let us know!

I get it sometimes. Using Windows 10 on a laptop.
It can be the internet connection as well that creates a lag. It’s easiest noticeable when typing or when Bubble is saving something.

Folk glad to tell that on my new laptop the editor runs smooth. No jet lag as such. There must be an issue with my other laptop.

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Im having similar issues now that my app has grown significantly in size. The first few minutes are ok, then the editor starts to slow down a lot to a point where every action is lagged.

I’m in W10 using Chrome and with the editor open, chrome eats over 1GB of memory.

It helped to close Chrome and restart, but the intervals get shorter. Is there a way to find out what is causing the browser to use so much memory in the app? are there processes going on that could be stopped or optimized?


I even get it with Firefox

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Since last two three days, I too was feeling. I did not take a look under the hood. Will watch out from now.

I get it worst in Safari on iOS but in others. On cellular data it is definitely worse, so I think internet lag may be a cause when processes stack up that talk to the server.

High memory use and slowness is quite common though in complex JS-heavy apps such as the Bubble editor in my experience

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