Is the EU Phone field real?

Hi Bubblers,

Just a stupid answer that I really don’t know why it is not in the platform yet.

The US Phone input is not suitable for EU Phones, and integer or text (only numbers) inputs are not recognized as phone fields in mobile, so email or other fields are suggested instead.

Do anyone know how to create an EU Phone input?
Should I better ask the team to implement it? How?

Thank you!!

Hi Pablo,

It’s important to note that every country within the EU comes with its own format and country code.

This, indeed, is not natively supported by Bubble. However, you can create this check/validation using Regex and ChatGPT to generate the Regex.

Good luck!

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Hi @pablo.r,

I would definitely recommend this plugin by @minimumstudio. You can then save the result in a text field.

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Thank you guys for the quick response!
Both are helpful (but I can only select one of them as “solution”).

Thank you :slight_smile:

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