Is there a better alternative to

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know a better alternative to ?

I need an easy, plug-and-play kind of bug reporting service for my platform.

And please let me know your past experience with your recommendations.

Thanks in advance

Why don’t you build your own? Embed in your App?

Create a datatype called Bugs with 4 columns:

  • Page (Text);
  • Log (Text);
  • Priority (Number);
  • Resolved (Yes/No);

Every time a bug happens create a new entry in this database. Doing this you will have all bugs cataloged in one place, by user (Creator), date/time (Creation date), page and priority.

In the Log field, insert the error message.

I built something like this in my App and it is being great to have a general overview of this kind of stuff.

It’s simple, easy to start and free. And if you think you need something more robust in the future, well, you can start to explore other tools. But for me, helped a lot.


Rafael, good idea (I like to store Bugs in my Logs datatype).

That covers the storage, but what about reporting the bug?* and its ilk provide easy 1-click reporting of a bug internally and by end-user.

Have you managed to solve for that feature?

*I never used birdeatsbug but assuming its works similar to volley and backlog, etc.

Take a look here:

It is not free. But is plug-and-play . And will cover the “bug reporting”.