[New FREE Plugin] Error Reporting

Hey everyone!

We just released a new useful free plugin that we’re using to track & log errors in our bubble apps. It’s been very helpful to us, so we decided to share it with you.

The plugin is essentially a bubble integration for sentry.io, so you’ll need to sign up there with a free account to start monitoring your bubble apps for errors.

Some screenshots:

Try the demo out yourself :point_right:t4: Sentry Error Tracker

Get the plugin here :point_right:t4: Sentry Plugin | Bubble


Hey @Kayami,

Very cool! So this would pick up any and all Bubble errors? For example, if something from Postmark didn’t send because of an error, it would be shown on Sentry?

hey @johnny!

all errors that happen in the browser are picked up automatically. (anything that causes an error in your browser console)

for errors caused by backend workflows you have to send the error to sentry yourself, so it does mean that you need to know whether an error happened or not

the main way to do it with API calls is using the ‘include errors in response’ checkbox. then in the next step, you can check the result of the api call, and it will have a field has error

if that value is yes you should send the error to sentry using the Capture Server Error action, and pass in the error message.

for now, that’s how you can log errors in backend workflows.

in a future update we’re going to try and see if we can automatically report errors that happen in the backend workflows but that is a lot harder because we’ll have to do something weird like scraping the bubble logs.


Hey @Kayami,

Super useful info to know-- thanks!

Exactly what I was looking for! Huge Kudos to you and your team!

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hey all :slightly_smiling_face:

since a lot of people have been asking, i recorded a loom video for getting started with using this plugin in a productive way


@Kayami this plugin is great so far, thank you!

Question on Capture Server Error for backend workflows:

This makes it seem like is this only used for external API calls that could potentially return an error, and not capable of capturing errors that happen within the backend workflows themselves, is that correct?

I’m trying to figure out how I can capture errors that occur in backend workflows.

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hey @johndurso correct!

we’re also looking into that but there is no built-in way to detect such errors unfortunately

one way we’re exploring is to see if it’s possible to scrape the server logs automatically and get errors via a regex there

this would require having to pass a username + password to the action that performs the scraping, so its not ideal but it might be the only way to do it :grimacing:


Hey @Kayami

Nice one!

Where can I see the piece of code you’ve talked about in the video for release tracking?

Thanks a lot.

@Kayami any plans to hook up the new session recording Sentry is now offering?

Side note, would be great if Bubble allowed an “open source” option for plugins so I could add myself and create a pull request for you.

hey @johndurso i already added that in! should be in the latest release of the plugin :slight_smile:

and yes there are so many missing things in the plugin ecosystem. since this one is free you can actually see the source code, but there is no way to do a PR (not in a way where you can test, there is a workaround tho)

I’m finally getting around to implementing the replay feature. I upgraded the plugin and there are no sessions being recorded, so I’m not sure what else to do. Is there some step I’m missing?

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Hey @johndurso did you get this working?

I’m getting this message when trying to launch Replays.

Also, getting this in the What’s New section of Sentry

Any ideas @Kayami ?

And thanks for the plugin, it’s awesome and has opened a up whole new can of worms (that I’m not sure what to do with).

No, I haven’t figured this out yet. I’m not getting those same errors, Sentry just isn’t detecting that it’s set up, hence my question to @Kayami about whether I need to do anything else. He has said that’s ready to go and I have updated to the most recent version, but beyond that I’m not sure what else to do.

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