Is there a :converted to letters? (a "backwards" :converted to number)?

Hey guys. Quick one. I use the :converted to number: quite a lot to clean a field that has names and numbers at the same input, but how about the other way around?

I just found myself with a field with thousands of entries, of which quite a few have names and numbers in the same field (example John Smith 123456789, where I need only the name). For now, I just tried several “find & replace” or several “split by”, but that looks awfull both in performance and organization… Is there a “converted” to letters that can just ignore numbers?

I’m looking in to regex, something like \d+/g, “” ?

Hi there, @vitor370… I’m guessing this won’t be what you want, and it would probably be helpful if you can show a sample of the actual data your are talking about, but a simple find and replace where the find is a regex pattern of [0-9] and the replace is empty should do the trick of ignoring (removing) the numbers. Is that what you are trying to do?



I’ve misunderstood that. Your find & replace activating regex worked great! I had never noticed the regex option on the Find & replace. I was trying extract with regex LMAO. I need to sleep.
Anyways, it worked! Thank you very much for your time, mate. Cheers!

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Cool… glad to hear it worked for you. Oh, and you might want to add the :trimmed operator to the end of the expression to get rid of any unwanted spaces.

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