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Is there a good plugin or straightforward way to send email notifications?

I am hoping to send email notifications each time someone responds to a topic. I was wondering if there was a straightforward tutorial on how to implement this.

Sendgrid is built it, but deliverability isn’t so hot. I prefer Postmark. I’m sure there are tutorials out there.

Thank you!!

Our friend @jamesdevonport just put together a great tutorial that shows you how to customize and send an email with Bubble and Postmark. @adamthiesenh I wonder if that’s of help? How to send transactional emails from Bubble using Postmark | UserLoop Blog

James’ tutorial shows how to pull in dynamic content, too—in case you’d like to include the comment copy, info on who made the comment, or similar.


Cool! It’s nice to see someone from Postmark on the Bubble Forums :raised_hands:

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Awesome, thank you!