Problems with Sendgrid

Hello everyone, everything good?

I’m having a series of problems and unpleasant situations with Sendgrid for sending emails through the Bubble application. However, I configured all email sending using the Bubble standard, where there are images and formatting of forwarded messages.

I would like to adopt another email service, but I wanted to minimize the impact on what was already built into the application. Would you have any suggestions considering this scenario?

Can’t really help from a technical perspective but I will say that postmark is way better, I’d switch, I imagine not doing so will cause more headaches later.

Had issues with sendgrid which were immediately solved using postmark.

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Unfortunately, I often have problems with spam filters at Sendgrid. This should not happen with Postmark. However, you can set up backend workflows that show whether a mail has arrived or how often it has been read. This can help to analyze the exact process.

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I would recommend switching over to Postmark as well! Why? Check out this post: Postmark is awesome

In regards to migration, if you’re using the built-in Send Email action in Bubble or really if you use the same action for every email sent, you can search your app for that action then replace that action with a Postmark API call.

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I’m using Brevo and I have to say that they have a great documentation and possibilities.

Thank you for the recommendation. I replaced the problematic Sendgrid with Postmark and the difference in quality is really huge!

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