Is there a maximum number of workflows?

Is there a maximum number of workflows?

Can you expand on your question a bit more? Happy to provide more input based on that.

Generally speaking, Bubble does not “cap” the number of workflows. Though a variety of factors can cause a workflow to time out (ie. to not fully execute as intended).

My question was more around a maximum workflow count per month. I’m currently on the personal plan and run about 15k workflows per month. I was more curious if there would be an additional charge if a certain threshold was met.

Bubble apps, at current, are based around capacity allocation. (Ie. you are not restricted to a specific number of workflows runs in a month). At 15k workflows per month on a personal plan, you may likely be running into capacity issues.

On a personal plan, you do not have the ability to add capacity units, as needed. But on plans above that, you can.

Given that there are a number of posts on the forum that cover this in pretty good detail, I’d encourage you to search through those. As well, good to explore the Logs > Capacity tab to see how your app is performing.

Thanks so much!!

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