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Is there a site that helps you visualize database structure?

Is there a site that helps you visualize database structure?

Map out the data structure basically

I don’t know about a website, but someone created the following plug-in a few years ago. Have no idea what its current status is.

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Good question! :thinking:

Maybe try this plugin: Air Database Diagram Plugin | Bubble



This may be helpful to see how other types of sites data structures are put together. Helped me a lot.

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I agree with @boston85719 on his point about the the importance of understanding the basics of database design. Apps are, at their core, databases.

I personally read the book “Databases DeMYSTiFieD”. But lots of good resources out there.

On how to visualize the design, if it’s really complex I sketch it out by hand. But usually, once you grasp database fundamentals, you can just visualize the design and build.

thanks Boston (ps I’m in southie!)

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"5. Enter your application domain name (e.g. or"

Where am I supposed to enter this?

I have the plugin and enabled Data API, now where do I go to preview the database?

This plugin would be for your own app, to visualize your own database. Is that what you are looking to do?

In that case, you would use your Bubble app’s URL to see it’s database structure visualized like their example.

You can check out @ZeroqodeSupport’s example here: Zeroqode-demo-23 | Bubble Editor

You need to have the element named “AirDatabaseDiagram” onto your page, then put the domain in here like the image below:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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