Is there a training/tutorial for payment setup using Bubble API connector

Hello Bubblers, I am currently trying my hands on Bubble Api connector. I am trying to setup a payment workflow to charge a card but I do want to use any payment plugin as I want to learn how these things work.

I have been able to setup the authentication

and parameters.

when I initialize the call I get this notification.

Now my question, how do I set this up in my app (the modal popup) for users to enter their card details and be charged?

I will appreciate any help I can receive to pull this off.

Any clue will help… @keith @cowles.cj

Depends on how you’ve set up your call. You can configure them (pulldown in top right corner of the API Call itself) as “Data” or as “Actions”.

An API call defined as data can be accessed in an expression as “Get Data from API…” (then fill out the fields with whatever you want to send).

An API call defined as an Action appears as an action you can trigger in workflows.

Go read Reference | Bubble

What @keith said :slight_smile:

I like to default to action, as I find it easier to work with and update in the future, but it doesn’t work for everything.

Also, you will want to uncheck private on those parameters. If the input is something that will not change, use private (e.g., app id). However, in your case, you will want to tie those parameters to your customer inputs.

Best of luck!

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What @cowles.cj said :grinning:.

But also, there’s no real harm in setting up 2 copies of an API Call, one as data and one as action. So you can use both methods to access your call, depending on your use case.

(The data call is for receiving data from an API and dumping it into a display element in a page — like a text, image, or repeating group type element. The action call is for retrieving data from an API call inside of an on-page or backend workflow and then doing something with it — like store it on a Thing in your database, transform it somehow, etc.)