Is there a way to add a ID to a record automatically?

I know there’s a built-in Unquie ID for all tables, however, is there a way to make a 3 Digit Unique Id once a record is submitted through a form?

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Yes, I do this by adding an 8 character text field called myID to the data type, and populating it with
Calculate Formula -> Generate Random String
and I allow letters, non capitalised letters, and numbers.
Each character has 62 possible values, so this could have 62 to the power of 8 combinations, so basically gazillions of values to prevent any overlap…

… and 8 characters are a bit more manageable than the Bubble generated ID value.

If you use only 3 characters then you have 238,000 possible values, so more chance of an overlap.

I hope that helps…


Is there anyway this can auto increment from like 0001 to 0002?

Good question… I’ve not found a way to do it totally reliably. However, I create incremental invoice numbers just by having a numeric value stored in my user record and incrementing it immediately after I have put it into a new invoice. It could be that the same invoice gets the same number as there is nothing to lock it from use before it is taken…

So i have this call system:

this is the database for it

how could i tell it to start at 1 after putting in a new call?

Set the first call in your database to have a call ID of 1…then every other call in the database would have a call id of " last calls call id + 1 " these of course need to have call ids that are numbers and not text for the math function to work.

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