[SOLVED] Auto generating Unique ID's

How are you guys auto generating ID’s during the signup or thing creation stage?

The Bubble ID is too long and I don’t want to use Blockspring - trying to minimise API dependency.

Ideally I just want a 6 digit number.


Solved. Thanks Dave

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Hi Greg,
How did you achieve this requirement? I want to generate unique IDs but not randomly. I want them to be incremental. For example a booking ID can have first few letters fixed, for example the first 3 letters can always be BKG and then an incremental number should get appended to BKG, like BKG01 for 1st booking and BKG02 for second booking and so on. Also i want to append the company or agency ID in the end to identify easily to which user the booking belongs to.
So the ID will look like BKG01Agency01, BKG02Agency01, BKG01Agency02, etc

Hello, not OP but maybe I can help you get futher…

If you want to use incremental numbers, the easiest way is to do a “search for items” sorted by creation-date. Get the most recent item’s ‘number’ and add 1 it before saving to your new entry.

I normally do it this way. Works like a charm, every time. Also, it doesn’t break when records are deleted.

I prefer to add an “id” field to each thing. When I create a new thing, I set my workflow up this way.