Is there a way to check the time range?

Is there a way to check the time range?

for example I want to check the input time if it is within range or

11:30 to 15:30?

You have both is contained by and contains range.


I was try to compare with Start time and End Time within a same type.

[Start time] <-range-> [End time] contain range [Do a search for:Star time] <-range-> [Do a search for:Star time]

but than there is no option for <-range-> when I do a search, any way to work around? Is converting the start time and end time into time range the only way to solve it?

Try enabling parenthesis in the app settings under Versions

Thanks, but your suggestion didn’t solve the issue. I do not know how to get the <-range-> when Doing search.

I think it is because “searching each item” doesn’t tell the system to search the Start Time and End Time within the same Thing, therefore it doesn’t provide the option for <-range->.

So the question will be: how can I find the range of each thing?

Once you are outside the search options you are not modifying the search anymore.
In your last example the result of the expression is a list of dates, of course the options you get are referring to that.
If you have two separate dates in your data type (a start time and a end time) then you don’t have a date range and you can’t build it on the fly while doing a search on the backend.
Either you add a daterange to your data type or you build multiple conditions in your search.
something like

  • start time > 11:30
  • end time < 15:30
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Thank you so much.

Seems it is easier to just convert the start time and end time into one time range, and I can make condition by counting things that the time range are overlapping.

Not fully understand why, but once a thing time range is overlap, it remain count 1 even I have change the time to separate it. Turns out it is counting itself. So I add a unique id comparison to exclude itself.

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