Is there a way to count the amount of workflows in my app?

Is there a way to count the amount of workflows that I have created in my app?

Just want to have a quantifiable idea of how big and complex is what I am building.

Counting the amount of words would also be helpful.


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Hi there, @pachocastillosr… other than going to the workflows area and literally counting them, I believe the short answer to your question is no. That being said (and you probably know this), you can see how many workflows are being run in your app on the Logs >> Capacity tab, but that isn’t necessarily going to equate to an idea of how “big and complex” your app is (although, neither does a count of workflows, for that matter).

I guess the real question is how does one define big and complex? You could have hundreds of workflows that are all ridiculously simple, but is the app big and complex simply because there are a lot of workflows? Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “amount of words,” but I can’t imagine that “metric” is readily accessible either.

Anyway, this response probably doesn’t help you at all, but at least its something, eh? :slight_smile:


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Hi Mike! I agree, the size and complexity of an app depends on many things.

The thing is, I have developed a relatively big and complex app but I’ve written everything in Spanish (frontend, backend, database, everything).

I am thinking about translating everything to English in the future in order to work easier with non-spanish-speaking collaborators or people that I hire for my company.

So being able to calculate the amount of workflows and the amount (the count) of words could help me do an estimation of how much time it would take me to translate everything and see if it is worth it.

Ah, yes… understanding word counts for translation purposes is a big part of the budgeting process for one of the departments at my day job because we translate our content into 40+ languages. So, I definitely see what you are going for there.

I’m just winging it here, but you do have the ability to export the phrases on the Settings >> Languages tab. Could you dump that stuff to Excel and do some word counts there? It doesn’t help you on the workflow front, but it might be something.

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Yes, I think is very important to have an estimation before starting to translate cause once you start you don’t want to stop in the middle and leave your app written in different languages jajaja

I just did the export you suggested and it might not let me export my whole app’s words but it is helpful for translating those there.

Thanks for your help!