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Really worried about how low the workflow amount is set


Having played a little bit with the app package, I can honestly say that I believe you have set the number of workflow too low for single apps vs price.

Today I was counting the number of workflows for 1 single user(myself) with just a super simple app of 4 pages.

If you have this setup:
Page 1 = Button click to enter = 1 workflow
Page 2 = Click page 3 = 1 workflow
Page 3 = Click on another page.

That’s 3 workflow (minimum without funky stuff added) for 1 single user.
If this user uses the app everyday for 1 month, that’s a minimum of 90 workflows(really bare minimum).

Now to go even deeper, if you have 10 users using your app per month, you have already capped the 1000 workflows.
If this is an app that people need to use everyday, you can only have 100 users per month with 10 000 workflows, which is incredibly low for 19 dollars per month.

I believe that this workflow limit should be at least 50 000 per app to make worth the price.

Will you ever change your price packages please? As I cannot imagine that many of us will be able to afford 79 dollars per month to host 1 app to get to the 100 000 workflows to only bring google adsense clicks…our profit will be eaten.


If I understand correctly, only workflows that are making changes to the database are charged to your count. so creating and making changes to things will count but navigational and hide/show dont count. this is a good reason to use custom states as much as possible.


No I don’t think because I am not using a database at all and my number of workflow jumped up with just me moving from page to page on the test site.

I have now understood how the workflows are counted, in your panel, top left, there is a workflow button, here you set the links between the pages, the links for the buttons and so on, so each time a customer clicks on my button that says "when clicked go to page XYZ, then this count + 1 meaning that each time a user will enter my app via the main menu, it will count + 1, this is the test I did yesterday and it is also what was worrying me, the reason being, if someone knows I am using a bubble app and creates a simple bot that keeps moving from workflow to workflow, my whole month of workflow will be exhausted in just 1 day.

That was the biggest worry I had with this workflow idea…bots. I hope the admins will take notice of this as we are all being hit with bots on a daily basis.

Speaking of bots. A “captcha” plugin would be pretty sweet.

  • I saw a captcha the other day that didn’t even require input (not sure how that works… )

Regarding this topic though I do believe @denverdave11 is right.
I remember Emmanuel personally saying that only workflows that require a change/submission to that database are charged.

Hide/show and changing pages etc are added to the workflow count yes (likely just as an added metric) - but I’m pretty sure you will not be charged for those…

Yes, only server side workflows count, as explained in our pricing page. So it can be more than database operation, it can be send emails, charge a card, etc. but navigation and showing and hiding elements don’t count.


Thank you for clarifying the workflow. I have no idea where my 27 workflows came from as I only tested the form 10 times. Can it be that 1 form sent with 3 fields = 3 workflows?

Good news to know that anything related to animation, navigation and others are not counted as workflows, this is a really really good news…:slight_smile:

I think there is quite a bit of confusion over this still and it generate quite a bit of anxiety for new user.
This is the first mention of ‘Server side’ workflows.

I would like to see some better documentation on this.

Maybe a list of actions that would ‘count’ as a workflow? or maybe and ‘*’ beside actions in workflow editor that count?

PS Bubble is amazing.

Yes, our documentation isn’t as good as we’d like. In general, a workflow that only does element actions (show/hide, etc) and navigation won’t count, and all others will.

The one that confused me and a bubble partner was a count up timer with workflow to update numbers every second. That maths to update the timer seems to happen client side which is great but the partner warned me it would add to paid workflow count. After testing it seemed it did not but it should be obvious up front.

The event isn’t the relevant thing here, what is relevant is the action after it. if the timer shows/hides elements it won’t run on the server, but if they modify data or send an email they will.