Is there a way to 'debug' the contents inside of a GroupFocus?

I’ve got a GroupFocus that I want to check the value while the app is running. However, as soon as I click on the ‘Inspect’ in debug mode , the GroupFocus will not be visible.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yeah this is very annoying in general, and hopefully bubble will fix this soon.

For the time being, a workaround is to use the dropdown by the inspect button and type in the name of the elements you want to inspect.
They will be (invisible) however in most cases their data source and properties will be unchanged.

I understand, it’s really frustrating. That’s a good workaround, but the problem is that what I want to see are the real-time reaction of some input fields on it and their conditions to check what’s wrong. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s possible right now.