Group focus visibility

Couldn’t there just be a visible option in the conditional tab?

This would make using group focus a more viable option.


There is already a visibility option. On the conditional tab, when you select “This GroupFocus”, you have the choice to choose either “is visible” or “isn’t visible”.

I hope that helps,



No this does not help, that will not make the group visible or not only read if it is.

With other groups you can make visible or not by conditional properties.

Example: if this input is focused then this group is visible or not.

There’s a way to make Group Focus work like this. It requires a bit more work, but nothing too crazy.

For example, you can set a workflow to run when happens, then have the action be “show” Group Focus. And, corresponding, when happens, then have an action “hide” the Group Focus.

I understand you can work around with workflows somehow, but this is the idea category.

With an input being focused or not, so to reference the group focus seems to be a task.

It would be so much easier to just have it behave like a group, instead of starting out on yet another workaround debacle in this so simple drag and drop app builder.


Yes, agreed.

Agreed, if we could trigger visibility based on input focus we could build out a Searchbox with more customization than Bubble’s current version.

Hoping maybe somebody in this thread would have some thoughts on a post I just put up about group focus being shown on input element value