Is there a way to generate API doc for my app

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if there is a built in feature in bubble allowing to publish a documentation for my App API (ie defining Auth method, public endpoints with json format etc…) automatically.

If not, how would you do that ?

Thanks !

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Hi :wave:
I think bubble recommends swagger for API documentation


In addition to viquarahmed07 answer above:

If you deselect “Hide Swagger API documentation access” in Settings - API, Bubble will generate Swagger API spec for you.

  1. Deselect:

  1. Go to or to see the spec:


You can then copy and paste all that text into a swagger doc editor! Bam, you got sweet API documents nicely formatted for a human


Hey everyone,

thanks for your answer.
It worked well thanks !

I guess there is a way to organize this better : my data api endpoints are in raw list like below, not organized by data types. If you have the info on how to improve presentation i’ll listen :wink: else, this i already good !

Thanks again !

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