Is there a way to log another user out?

Hi all,

My scenario is that I may need to bar certain Users via a workflow from my admin screen (I don’t want to delete the User). If I do, I would like to the log that User out (assuming they are logged in), but I can’t think of a way to log another user out.

Any ideas most welcome.


Did you have an idea mikeloc?

You could assign another data type to users as logout, yes/no

Add a condition in your sites header/footer that if logout is yes, log out user.

Simply change the users logout to yes if you want them to logout.

Perhaps add a condition for every login that the logout type goes back to no.


Not a good one. :slight_smile: I misread your initial post, so the response I deleted was garbage… sorry about that.

I’m still not sure I understand exactly what you want to do, but it looks like @dylan.b.anderson has you covered. Your use of the phrase “bar certain Users” does make me think of having some sort of a blocklist, though, and you could check that list upon page load of the admin screen to see if the current user is in the list. If yes, log 'em out. But again, I could be way off base here, so maybe I will delete this response, too. :wink:


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It is a 1 page app with groups shown or hidden by states. At the base level there is a Logged In group and a Not Logged In group. I think I will simply add a group to show when logged in AND user is blacklisted.

I was just wondering if an admin could remotely log someone out, but it seems not.

Hi @dylan.b.anderson, where is the site header/footer?

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