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How to log out a user?

I have a header, within the header at the right i have a login_group (hidden), and a logout_group (shown)

When the user logs in, i hide the logout_group and show the login_group, this works fine.

When the user logs out (i.e. i have him click a button which says logout), i do the following

  1. Log out the user
  2. Hide the login_group
  3. Show the login_group

But this logout process does not seem to work, it doesn’t hide the login_group nor does it show the logout_group
So it’s just not working, and i’m unsure how to make it work?

All i want to do is, log out the user and show the login functionality.

How can i make this work?

Have a conditional on the group that sets it to visible when the current user is logged in. The default state would be hidden and not visible on load.

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