Is there a way to make a repeating group more stylish

I have a repeating group that I want to look more attractive than just a boring list. I was thinking maybe column headers (I know I can do that manually) and maybe alternating colors, and maybe columns with slightly different shades of grey.

I figured there might be a plugin to create great looking repeating groups but couldn’t find anything.

Do I just need to do it all manually?

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Do it manually. You have everything you need in standard Bubble to achieve stylish RGs. The much bigger issue is design. Use existing best UX/UI practices and then just customize what you like for your needs.

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Put a group inside RG and style it the way you want


Yes, lots of options there. Use groups and other elements within your RG cell. Then customise accordingly

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Thanks everyone. I will just knuckle down and do it manually. I just don’t trust my own design abilities :slight_smile:

I have installed different templates and cheated little bit from how they designed it. Now i have built my own designs kind of fix style that i like with every project i make

Me either. But I think I can make some things that look pretty nice.

I have used google material design

and just google searching UX design and UI design to get inspiration as well as to read through dozens of blog posts on the subject to learn the techniques as described by professionals.

After investing the time to learn it, I think I can now make things that look pretty good.


An awesome signpost. Thanks for that. Just been checking out the site and it looks like that is the kind of style guidance that I need. It looks like it will give me some ground rules to follow and that should help me big time.

Thanks for setting me off in the right direction. Alas, I have a feeling a lot of what I have already done is going to be due a makeover. Darn it. But the end product should be so much better as a result. Thanks @boston85719

Hi guys (first time caller lol)
I’ve been looking at bubble for a few years but not built anything yet. I’ve been a knack and zoho create builder.

However now I have a perfect project for bubble so I’m going to get stuck in a learn on the fly (eeek)

My first issue though which I’ve goggled the heck out off is to have a RG column background color conditionally coloured. As you would say an overdue invoice background changed to red.

I’ve worked through all the conditions I can find but don’t seem to be able to do this.

What am I missing?

@WasabiBoy I’m only a bubble amateur but my first thought would be to have a transparent group the same size as your RG cell, then all the other elements for styling your RG within that group. You’d put the conditional on that transparent group to change background colour based on ‘due date of current cell’s invoice is earlier than current date/time’ then change background colour of group set to whatever looks good.

There might be a more elegant solution by people with much more experience than me :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this. I’m not used to the way in which bubble handles table/like data eg RG.
So impressed with the flexibility it offers but would’ve thought this an easy option. (not saying it isn’t for many before I get roasted)

I’ll play around with the group conditions as you suggest.


Just had a quick look. It looks like just the thing I was after. I am going to give the free version a play today and see how that goes and then look to maybe upgrade as the premium stuff looks great.

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