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Displaying simple repeating group

Hi - I’m trying to create a simple repeating group that displays data already entered/stored in the App database. All the tutorials I’ve seen deal with creating a repeating group display based on the user first inputting that data. I’d like to upload a data set to the App Data and then list that in a repeating group. i.e. no “users” or input are involved.

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Hello @pfurbay welcome to the community!

Wouldn’t placing the RG on a page, adding text/image elements to it and doing a search for the things you need do the trick?

@cmarchan thanks for the quick response. I’m still a bit new but getting the hang of it. I understand the text element portion, but when I first add the RG to the page what would I make the “type of content?” Would it simply be text? Or do I need to reference something within the database?


I just recommended this video on a prior post. It is not a tutorial but it is full of Bubble concepts that may help answer some questions. How about taking a peek and see if it helps a bit?