Is there a way to manipulate values retrieved from a database in a description within an HTLM element?

I would like to create a table using the values registered in the .BUBBLE database.
I thought about using the plugin “Table/grid”, but decided to create it with HTML elements because it does not allow detailed settings.
I want to split the list type values retrieved from the database within in HTLM and add them to the table as values of tags created with createElement.
Is such operation possible in .BUBBLE?

This is kind of hard to follow what you want to do as there is not much detail here.

It sounds like you’re trying to build a custom table using html and want to populate it with values you’ve pulled from the database?

Can you send screenshots of your html elements and the html code inside them?

My guess is you’ll need some javascript along with this

Thanks for answering.
This issue has been resolved.
The assignment of database values to variables was failing.

I was trying to add rows to the following table.

            <th>The table header</th>
    <tbody id="tbody">
            <td>The table body</td>

Failed description

Successful description

Yes. And for tables you might utilize format as text operator. Don’t use JavaScript here, use html.

I understand what you mean, where you are getting the format as text operator to generate the html for each user but I’m curious as to why you are saying to not use javascript?

Cuz you can build your html with the format as text being less labor intensive than using js to build elements.

Makes sense. thanks

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