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Plugin to have a dynamic table saved after pushing the save button on a page

Hello there,

Since the plugin feature has already launched I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to create a plugin so that you can add lines, remove, modify in a table without having to work with the database until a save button on a page is clicked.

Something like in this fiddle:

Thanks a lot guys.


Hi @ryanck

Interesting idea. Once you’ve got the javascript table working how you want it, the challenge will be to pass the result back into Bubble.

Two approaches that could work, assuming a table of:
a b c
x y z

1 . For each row, join the cells together with a delimiter into a string. Pass a list of these strings into Bubble. Then in Bubble you can address each list item, extract the fields using regex into a list of texts which can be saved to database fields.

Sample with a comma as a delimiter:
[ “a,b,c”, “x,y,z” ]

2 . Pass to Bubble a count of the number of rows, and have an action on the element to retrieve a specific row, where it retrieves a list of texts, each text the cell of a row. This is more robust than using delimiters, but would involve a Bubble workflow loop, which is clumsy and limited.

Sample of retrieving each row separately:
retrieve row 1: [ “a”, “b”, “c” ]
retrieve row 2: [ “x”, “y”, “z” ]

Good luck!

Wohoooo that´s too complicated for me. Hehe

But I guess with what you said, it´s possible, right?

Thanks a lot @mishav

Hello @mishav so is this possible?

I´ve not done anything like this but just wondering if it´s possible so maybe someone will be interested in the development of this feature.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @ryanck, yes definitely possible.

That particular javascript behaves terribly for me on Firefox, in my opinion it would need a lot of improvement. Typing in “item” ends up with “iiitiiitiiiteiiitiiitiiiteiiitiiitiiitem …” for 1081 characters.

There’s also styling issues to consider. I suggest placing the javascript in a HTML element on a Bubble page to see what it looks like.

To get someone interested in developing it, I suggest find someone else who wants to use the same feature, or offer some incentive. Or possibly get a developer to polish up the javascript side, then get help on the forum with the Bubble integration.