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Is there a way to save an image thumbnail from a video?

Hi bubblers,

Is there a way in bubble or via a plugin that I can extract and save a thumbnail image from a video file?

I am using a repeating group which has a mix of images and videos displayed ( i actually have a slider [plugin called Wonderful slider] of images/videos nested in each cell). I would like to display a thumbnail image of the video rather than display the video file as I believe having the video file displaying in the repeating group is causing me to have some issues with loading times and updating my repeating group.

Or any other advice for trying to improve efficiency of the Repeating group load/refresh for videos.
Many thanks


When the object is created add a pic uploader so that the thumbnail is also added.


Hi @cmarchan ,

Thanks so much for reaching out.

Just for my clarity, could you please describe the workflow for me? I am a little lost.

My current workflow is (1) upload a file to the file uploader, (2) click a “submit” button which creates a new “thing” in the database , and the video file from the file uploader to the “video field”. Are you referring to this step? Do i put the video file in the pic uploader? Can a pic uploader accept a video file?

Any applicable screenshots to show your suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


In that flow the pic uploader for the thumbnail is missing :eyes:

where do I get a thumbnail image from to upload? I just have a video file not a separate image for a thumbnail.

The video file is downloaded from phone/computer to an Amazon s3 file. At which point and how can I generate or access a thumbnail image?

The user can use a screen capture tool or just upload any image. I have done many apps this way :+1:t2::grinning:

thanks @cmarchan , i see what you mean.

Sorry I should have been more specific. I want a way to extract an image from the video to be saved as a thumbnail image. Im not wanting to add another step of screen capture or using a separate image but would like to use the video file to extract an image that can be used.

Thank you for your time and help, its much appreciated.


Scott … what you are after may not be workable

Not for any and all videos …

If you are getting videos from hosted services and you restrict your app to only use those you may work it out.

Explore services such as this one >

thank you @cmarchan appreciate your help and suggestions

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