Is there a way to search several data fields from one search box?

For instance,

When you use Venmo and you are looking for who to send money to, there is a search box where you can find the right person by typing either the username, name, email, or phone number.

Is something like this possible in bubble?

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I added a “Search All” field, including name, email and phone. It works but people see all their details… or this plugin :slight_smile:

Search & Autocorrect

edit > from @romanmg : A quick tip on making use of the multiselect dropdown

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Hmm…looking for a good solution for this as well. I don’t think a multiselect dropdown makes any sense in this case.

I believe Search & Autocorrect will do the trick. Here are some of its config settings:


I haven’t tried multiple fields yet.

I’d recommend using the ZeroQuode version. I’ve had good luck with it.


Thanks guys, I’m going to checkout this option and report back how it goes!

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Hey @marktuff

How did you manage it finally?

up, just to follow, I also look for a solution. other than creating a field merging values of 4 fields.

hello, no solutions found unfortunatly. @josh this is very painfull :confused:

Searching on multiple fields is a basic that we regulary need. Hope someone from the team can do something. The plugin can help, but as it is earching client side, when you have a 10K entries table or more to search for, the app crashes !