Search box using "Any field" - can I include fields that refer to other data types?

I want my search box to search “Any field”, including fields that are references to other data types. Is this possible? Sorry, couldn’t find an answer to this. Thanks!

If not the above, should I concatenate all of the field values together in an extra field and just search that field instead?

You may be able to achieve what you’re looking for with this plugin…

I don’t believe you can do this with that plugin either. The fields to match options seem to only map to generic fields within the searched data type, not fields that are of other Things.

It really depends how deep you want this search to go @philnauta. You could always try an advanced filter, but that could slow the search down quite a bit:

Yes, creating a “search” field that merges the strings you need could also work. Or flattening the values you need to separate fields as well. For example, under User, you’d have Company (type Company) but also Company Name (text) and Company Description (text). It makes me cringe to have separate fields because there’s more to keep track of in the workflows, but if it’s just for search, it’ll at least get you the results.


When you say flat, do you mean they’re in the same tier or level? I am also encountering this issue and some words/fields work, some dont. I think if it is a field of a field kind of scenario, it does not work.