Is there a way to vet Bubble developers?

I spent about two weeks adding a feature to my app that would take a real Bubble expert a day to put together. I had the time, I watched a lot of YouTube videos (shout out to @ZeroqodeSupport and @romanmg - amazing videos!), I scoured this forum, and I learned a lot in the process. The biggest lesson I learned is that if time is of the essence, me trying to fumble through solutions is not ideal.

My app started on Glide, where I took a shot in the dark on a developer out of Vietnam. He was (is) amazing and I wish he did work on Bubble. When the app needed capabilities Glide couldn’t provide, I put an RFP out to fiverr to recreate it in bubble. The developer I chose did a decent job. However, there were too many bugs and his response time was way too slow to be useful to me.

I have an opportunity to expand my app again and possibly make it commercially viable. It needs to be done well, and it needs to be fast. Meaning - not me. I put out an RFP to the Bubble agencies, but it occurs to me that I have no way of vetting whether the agencies are any good. At least on fiverr you can read reviews and get a sense whether the person would be a fit. Is there a resource out there that I can use to vet Bubble agencies? Or should I just go through Fiverr again?

Thank you for your thoughts!

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Sometimes agencies are outsourcing their work to ‘freelance developers’ so might be essential questioning regarding if the developers are in house or outsourced.

There have been posts on the forum expressing negative experiences on Fiverr.

One way you could vet is to look at the developers portfolio and/or ask for references.


Can you give us a bit more details on the job? I can definitely look into your job requirement if you’re interested.

You can look into my work using the link below.

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Surely - here is the RFP I posted to the Bubble agencies:

Will you please let me know an estimate of costs plus an estimate as to time to build? This is an unexpected request, and the prospective client wants it ASAP (of course). Will you also include hourly rates to do maintenance on the app afterwards as needed?

I have a bubble app that is being used by local film companies to do a daily COVID-19 screening for their crew before they come into work. It is set up so that different clients can use the app, and their users will only see the client’s logo, information, colors, etc. It is basic, but effective for what it does. I have been approached by another local company about adding in the capability to schedule COVID-19 testing, document the testing has been done, document a result, and then send a message to each user about the result (only if it is a negative result). Film productions test their crew often, so it would be scheduling around 400 tests per week per client.

I am open to either amending my current app, or starting from scratch. Whichever is easiest and/or more robust.

I’ll try to succinctly spell out what I’d like. Not my strong suit.

In the current configuration, the user:

  1. A new crew member signs up for the app. Their profile information is collected, including the department in which they will be working for the client production. Productions only last one to a few months, so crew members could go from one client to the next. Currently there is only one user profile per user, even if they access multiple clients.
  2. If already signed up, the crew member logs in. One of the huge hassles we are having is users being logged out. Some never get logged out, some do almost daily. I think it has to do with settings on their browsers, but anything we can do to prevent users from having to log in each day is appreciated.
  3. Each day, crew open the app and fill out where they are working and answer 6 questions about their health. They submit, a form is created with the info (including a QR code with the unique ID of the form), and they get either a red or green screen depending of they are allowed on-set or not. Green screen info is emailed to the user. Red screen info is sent to the user and client admins so that they know a crew member may need to stay home due to COVID symptoms.
  4. When the crew arrives on set, a COVID monitor uses the QR scanner on the app to scan the QR code on the user’s form. The time and location of the scanning is documented on the form.
  5. This is repeated daily.

For scheduling tests - what I would like to be able to do:
Client admins have a page where they can schedule block tests for crew members. Most clients have set schedules for when crew are to be tested (Three times a week, once a week, or once every other week). So maybe there is a way to have these crew members “auto scheduled” with the ability to opt-out. What is being done now (manually) is that the client sets up a block of tests - 20 to 100 tests - to be done all at the same day/location (usually on set). The length of the block of time would depend on the number of tests that needed to be done. What I’d like is the ability for the client to request a block of tests and select the users (crew) to be tested. Again - maybe this is auto generated and the client just has to review and “submit”. Once submitted, the client can still add or delete those needing to be tested in each block. I assume this would be best done via a dashboard page that shows all the blocks that have been scheduled.

Also, prospective cast and crew (Prospectives) need to be tested before they can show up on site. So we’d like to be able to add non-users to the list of those being tested. Ideally, the client could do a search for users already in the system (like if the Prospective has used my app for another client) and add them that way. If the Prospective is not in the system, the client schedules the test using the Prospective’s name and email address. Once submitted, an email is sent to each of the Prospectives asking them to sign up and log in prior to the testing.

A second type of test is a single “symptomatic” test. If a cast/crew member has any kind of COVID symptom, they need to have a tester come to their home and have a collection done (once the result comes back, if they don’t have COVID they can return to work once their symptoms have subsided). This can also be used for “VIP”'s who can’t be bothered with being tested with everyone else (actors!). So the client puts in a single collection request and it gets added to their dashboard.

After testing sessions have been scheduled, a testing individual needs to be assigned. This is done by a super-admin who has access to all requests. Each block can have one or multiple testers assigned. Each individual test needs a tester assigned. For individual tests we should also document the day/time the tester will likely be able to do the test.

Once a block of tests has been submitted, and a tester assigned, a message goes to each user who has been scheduled to be tested. TBD will be whether the message goes out to the user via email, text, or by internal notification on the app - possibly a hybrid of each. On the user’s homepage, there should be a list of tests for which they have been scheduled.

For doing the tests:
Testers will use the app on their phone to see who needs to be tested (the “testee”. We try not to giggle when we say that). There should be a toggle that they can swipe once the test has been complete.

If someone is added to the block at the last minute, the tester should be able to add a new person to the list. When they hit the “add a test” button, they can either enter the testee’s information manually or by scanning the QR code on the testee’s app home page.

The super-admin received results from the lab (via fax! Super old-school). There should be a screen that shows all the tests that have been completed. The super-admin then hits a toggle button for each test that came back negative and an email is automatically sent to the testee. (Positive tests have their own process, not having to do with us).

We need to keep track of how many tests are completed by client. The lab sends out a bill that lists out the tests done by day, so we would just need to match the format to allow for an easy cross-checking.

That’s it. In a (very large) nutshell.

Asking for references is a great idea. Actually, it’d be silly not to do that. Thank you for the reminder.

I saw the same reviews about Fiverr - which is why I used the Bubble forum’s agency RFP form.
When I put in the RFP I got about a half-dozen autoreplies from agencies asking me to schedule a “meeting” with them to discuss the job. I’d like to be able to do an initial scan of references before I spend my time setting up and starting a call, discussing the app, listening to their sales pitch, etc. At least when using Fiverr I don’t have to bother responding to those with little to no reviews or with lackluster reviews.

Do you know - can anyone sign up to be an “agency”? Or does Bubble require any sort of previous work before they are listed?

Anyone can sign up. That’s how we started as well. References are your best friend.

It’s also a good practice to have some kind of flow diagram for your app to avoid having the wrong functionality built.

I usually recommend having the design built out in Figma or Sketch and using that as a starting point.


Yes, we wrote a guide to picking a great freelancer here How to find a great freelance developer?

Thank you for the guide. All very good advice.