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Is there a way?

Hello check image below
Your Bubble app (7)

I want to put this in all one text so its a lot more neat and stands in line properly.

if i was to do this, is there any way i could link (demouser) which is users username to their profiles when clicked?

i understand you can link text via workflow but that make all the text a link?

i just want the username to be linked to profile and not the rest of the text.

Something like this:


You’d fill in the page name, or whatever info your sending, and make the username dynamic. When this is in preview, it becomes clickable and will open the page.

thanks for reply mate
do you mean like this? if so it goes to profile page but doesnt send data of creator of post?

Depends on how you’re using it. Is the page you’re sending to a type of User? Are you using slugs?

The basic would just be sending the unique id of the user. Like this:


Then on your profile page you’d grab the user id from the path or parameter.


yeah so on the feed list will have list of posts. on each post i will display the username of the creator of each post. i want the username to be clickable and go to profile page when clicked. but do it from this way instead of workflow.

is this the way you still go about it as even this way doesnt work for creator instead of current logged in user.

Do you have a page type on the ‘profile’ page? If so, my method would work. If it’s coming from a list, you’d just use parent groups x instead of what I have.

Feel free to post a link to the editor if you want.

i just put this together quick.
if you could look at it and let me know if there is a way.

this aint the app im working on i just put this together so you can see what i mean.

Thanks. So you want it when the text is clicked to go to profile? Or when the group is clicked?

Are you ok with me doing it for you?

so just when the username is clicked.

yeah that would be and i can see how you did it?

Ok, I adjusted it. Check it out

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Thank you i appreciate your time and help. Just how i wanted it.

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sorry to be a pain, would you know the best to clean up the url to show username in url instead of the id numbers?

Yes, use the slug for the user. I adjusted the demo for you.

hi just checked it, the url is now clean but not showing the data on the profile page now?

Fixed it for ya. :slight_smile: