How to link user profiles

hello i have a app where when users sign in they are taken to a profile page which displays all of their information. but now i want a situation when users comment on each other’s posts if you click on a user’s name or profile picture it displays that specific cell user’s info and not current user? any help please?

many thanks

@withabed It’s best if your profile page has a Content Type set to it. Content Type = User. Whenever you go to this page, you “send data” of a specific user.

So, after logging in/signing up, you trigger the Go to Page action (page = profile page), and the Data to Send = Current User so they can see their own profile.

Then, from the comments on the profile page itself, clicking on another user’s photo/name/etc. would essentially re-load the page with a different user sent to it. Use the same Go to Page action and Data to Send = Current cell’s User.

I’d recommend reviewing Bubble’s lesson on sending data to pages here:

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what if i am not using RG?