Is there a Zeroqode Google Sheets & Charts tutorial?

@levon, or anyone at Zeroqode, is there a tutorial or any deeper documentation for your Google Sheets & Charts (Service) Plugin than can be found here:

Honestly, I feel like the provided documentation, including the accompanying editable demo app, are pretty lightweight. I’m able to write to a specific range in a gSheet (i.e. Sheet1!A2:Y2), but finding, say, the first empty row, searching for a specific row/range, deleting a row (vs. clearing a range) are all eluding me.

If you can point me in the direction of documentation, tutorial videos, etc. for this functionality, I’d very much appreciate it.

Thanks, guys!


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hi Jon,
thanks for your message.
I understand your pain, but unfortunately we don’t have a more in-depth tutorial on this plugin. We are trying our best to provide as much docs for our products, but it’s a bit difficult to keep up with the number of templates/plugins we are publishing. We are hiring more teammates to facilitate this but it’s a slow process I’m afraid:

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Bit of a gash reply?
Perhaps a plugin isnt ready when their aren’t sufficient documents in place.
Slow down your production and get it right.

I to was just looking at your google sheets plugin but gave up.

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those who are more technical and can figure things out with the docs that we already have might disagree with you. We are not misleading anyone about the available docs, you can see what’s already there and decide for yourself whether it’s sufficient or not.

Thats great and all but your certainly narrowing down your potential customer base.
No one said anything about you misleading…

we know that, and we thought it’s better to have a narrow customer base rather than not at all.

Dear @levon and Zeroqode,

I have the same challenge as Jon in July 2019.

I can imagine you have created more content on the Google Sheet Plugin in the meanwhile?

I want to push data of a text cell to the Google Sheet after pushing on the Submit Button, but it does not work. What are the differences between Read Value (V4), and Read Sheet Values etc? I cant find any guidance. The current tutorials available ( are not covering this at all.

Could you support us?


Hello @Josss

Thanks for reaching.

Not sure , if this is about updating plugin with more functionalities or it is about creating content for demo page?
As of right now the demo page, shows a good start of functionality to get into.

For updating data in your Sheets, there is a Update Row Action which is used for pushing new data to sheets rows.

Read Sheets Values (Data Call) is a legacy call - A given worksheet generally contains multiple rows, each containing multiple cells. You can request data from the worksheet either as a list-based feed (

Read Value V4 (Action) - Returns a range of values from a spreadsheet. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID and a range. (Method: spreadsheets.values.get  |  Google Sheets  |  Google for Developers)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:

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