Is there an easy way to pass "type of content" and "data source" thru nested groups?

I’m using a template with a lot of groups. Sometimes an element that I want to use to display data from my database (e.g. text field to display a product name) is buried 5+ groups deep.

To get the data to display properly I need to set “type of content” and “data source” for all parent groups of the element(s) within the module.

Attached is an example. Highlighted in yellow is the parent group for the module shown. Highlighted in green are the elements I want to display data. To set these up it need to set “type of content” and “data source” for 18 groups.

This is tedious. Is there an easier way? Can I have groups inherit the “type of content” and “data source” from their parent group? Or something like that?

Maybe I’m missing something but when you click on “Data Source”, the very first option is Parent Group’s Thing, exactly as you describe.

EDIT: this assumes you are selecting the same Type of Content in the dropdown right above

EDIT2: And assumes you don’t have a break in the nesting “chain” of groups. So Group #3 won’t see Group #1’s thing if Group #2 has no thing.