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Is there an issue currently with sending emails?

I tested this and it has been working fine. I am sending an email notification to a user using the SEND EMAIL workflow.

I don’t have a domain so I use [email protected]


Are you or a user having an issue receiving email? From the title of this thread and your first sentence, things seem to be fine. You can bcc yourself to see if the email is being delivered to the user or not.

Yes, both ways. Sending a notification to myself or to another user with cc to me. Nothing is arriving to them or myself.

See if you can setup an account with SendGrid to use in Bubble. Bubble currently uses SendGrid to deliver emails. Then, check your SendGrid dashboard to see if the emails are being delivered or not. I can’t comment much in this area as I use a different service to send emails.

Thanks but does not answer my question if email system as it is, is working correctly in Bubble.

Thanks for your attempt to help, very nice of you. Ill look at SendGrid for future development.

Bubble currently uses SendGrid to deliver emails. So by checking to see if SendGrid is delivering your emails, you are also checking if Bubble is delivering your emails.

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Oh, I see. I think that the Bubble email system is down. The SEND EMAIL in the workflow is not working. How do I report this?

I think the problem is at my end, but have not determined completely the cause yet.

(update: permission issue, so it worked only in some cases when I dug deeper. - thanks for your help, hope to pay the favor back some day.)

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