Email workflows no longer working


Last night I discovered an issue with my ability to send emails as part of my app’s workflow.

I’ve built several workflows by now that involve sending emails and they all worked up until a few hours ago when they just suddenly stopped working.

I thought I was putting the information in wrong, but even creating a normal button on a generic page, creating a “if this element is clicked” workflow and manually entering an email in the send to field does not send an email.

Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?


I discovered that my main email as been flag by Sendgrid as 500 High risk spam thing… So I sent a bug report to them. Maybe isn’t your case, but go and check Suppressions, and Blocks. It works if I create a simple workflow with send email. Very strange behaviour.

Also add my domain and email in the whitelist without success.

Thank you for responding.

So I’ve never set up a sendgrid account. My app is unpublished and I’m still on the “Hobby” plan. I’m building a beta app as a proof of concept.

My simple send an email workflow is not sending any emails. I’ve even created a blank page with one button just to send emails and it wont work.

So even without having setup or connected a sendgrid account, could I still be affected?

Thank you,

Yes, you definitely need to set up your Sendgrid account. I believe that should be one of the very first things you need to do when you plan on sending emails from your Bubble app.


Thanks for responding. Were you answering “yes” to my question? Because my question wasnt if I need to set up a SendGrid account, it was could I still be affected by SendGrid blocks or spam alerts, as suggested by the other comments, even though I have not set one up?

With or without SendGrid, bubble’s basic send email workflow should still work.

I actually am experiencing the same issue as of yesterday. Everything was working fine then nothing.

I spoke to @romanmg about it via email and she mentioned it might be a bug.

Still not working. : /

We’re updating this thread.

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