Is there any way that I can tell the "Search for" and the "doesn't contain" commands to not be case sensitive in their search?

Hi, is it possible to use “Search for …” and “doesn’t contains” without being case sensitive?

I mean, I need it to search for any emails in Founders (a data type) that have the same characters, regardless if they have different lower or upper cases.

Is there any way that I can tell the “Search for” or the “doesn’t contain” commands to NOT be case sensitive in their search?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!



the easies way is to format your data by adding a :lowercase to the argument and value.

it should read:

Only when: Search for Founders’s email :lowercase doesn’t contain Input Enter email address’s value :lowercase

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So I would need to format the “Input Enter email address” submit button’s workflow with :lowercase as well in order to be sure that all the email addresses on my database are lower-cased?

No you don’t have to as with this argument you are formatting the results of the search as well as the input to normalise them. Anyway email is not typically case sensitive for legacy reasons.

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Perfect! Thank you very much!

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