Is there any way to change the default group settings?

I notice myself spending time whenever I create a group for repetitive tasks - like removing the min-height, changing the layout from fixed to column, etc.

Wondering if it’s currently possible (or will be at some point) to select defaults for these?

Maybe one day :sob:

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One thing you can do is just create one (or more) pages in the same app with your pre-configured “components” and simply copy and paste them as needed to the page you’re working on.

You can even keep your “component library page” open in a separate browser window (perhaps even on a second monitor) to avoid the page/context switching in the editor.

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Or make a resuable element that’s just the group you want to make a template of.

RE’s are great for encapsulating special-purpose functionality, but I don’t think they will work as a way to have custom default settings for groups (or other containers), which is what I understood the OP to be asking. You can’t add a RE to a page and then start dropping elements into it.

That said, I do use RE’s for customized versions of certain native elements such as checkboxes and radio buttons because you then have full creative control over their look and behavior.


It did just occur to me, though, that you could add a group RE and then use the new “detach” feature to convert it to a regular group. Is that what you meant, @2706mason? I might have to experiment with that. Could be useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually didn’t think too deeply about my response and you’re totally right :rofl: The way I was thinking would never work, but your suggestion is interesting.

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A quick follow-up… The “detach” approach actually works quite well! :smiley:

For example, to create a “template” group having custom default settings:

  1. Create a reusable of type Group.
    No need to add a group to the reusable, since the reusable itself - i.e. the top level element of the RE - will be the actual group once it’s detached after adding it to a page. I used “Template Group” for the name.
  2. Configure as desired.
    Set the min/max width/height, padding, border, container layout, etc.
  3. Now just drop it onto a page and choose Detach reusable element from either the Edit or contextual (right click) menu. And that’s it! The pre-configured group is ready to go!

If there was a hot key for detaching, it’d save a bit more time; so I think I might add one to my editor-enhancing Chrome extension.



Not to belabor this issue, but while the “detach” technique works for groups, it’s not well-suited for non-container elements. That’s because when the RE is detached, the element remains “wrapped” inside a group, so you have to drag it out or “ungroup” it, which just adds complexity.

As a result, I’ll stick with my original recommendation. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a good workaround, thank you!