Is there any way to implement Firestore Cloud in bubble? As firebase doesn't have HTTP API for firestore

Hey Bubblers,
I’m looking for my backend dB and I preferred to Cloud Firestore and my challenge is how to implement as firebase doesn’t provide any HTTP Request Api with Firestore? So it cant work with Bubble API connector.
I had done implenting with Firebase Realtime dB and it easy n works!! But don’t know about Firestore…

One more query,
Does firestore only works with enable billing ? If yes,then pls guide some other alternative of firestore.

I think bubble should add a plugin for firestore as many other alternatives already have!

They do support an http rest api

It just sucks to work with. Your best best is using the admin ask and building a custom plugin. It’s also nice to use firebase as your auth provider. The. You can really nicely stick a bubble app in an iframe and still have users log in and complete authenticated tasks!

Ok I’ve tried and it returns only as json
But here we want to make CRUD Rest Api with bubble

I want this to be done :point_down:
Would it be easy with bubble? Or we suppose to run js?
Pls guide me @cmarchan @NigelG

Yes, it is possible to use Firestore. It just takes a little bit of effort as Google authentication isn’t all that easy (JWTs).

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