Is there any way to run a Bulk workflow but in the background from the UI?

If I have a few backend workflows that can be run in bulk on a data type, I’m able to do this from the backend editor of course but is there any way to run it from the UI? But not have the user wait? Like a button in the app that when pressed, runs the bulk workflow update but on the backend on the server? Or even trigger it via webhook or API? But where the system that triggers it just does so and it runs in the background? Vs the system triggering it having to wait an hour for it to complete type thing? Or lastly if not, is there any way to schedule a few bulk workflow tasks and have them run daily?

I might be wrong but I think that is what backend workflows are meant to do. That they run in the background. I might be mistaken on that, but I run recursive backend workflows and don’t need to wait for them to complete unless the workflows are being used for the next step in a process, other than that the UI is up to you to create so that once the backend workflows are initiated the user is brought to some other place in the app.

The problem we are having with backend workflows is they keep timing out, so they don’t run on the entire list of records. I have like 2800 line items but it doesn’t make it through, seems like only doing the Bulk option from the editor and then leaving my computer on for an hour does.

Yes this is a problem, I was having the same issue with some of ours today.

Try adding a larger gap between the workflows try 5 seconds and if that is not enough goto 10 seconds.


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I believe this has been discussed on the forum in the past and the issue is that once you go past 100 items things get dicey and time out regularly.

I believe what most people do to avoid the issue is to use recursive workflows. Check out this thread…other users report similar issues and troubleshoot. It seems the main culprit is capacity.


Most probably the issue here is capacity (you can check out if you see “App too busy” errors in your logs to confirm it’s the case)

So if you have that amount of data with seemingly high resource needs to be processed, there are always only two ways:

  1. Optimize your existing workflow steps to make it go easier on the available resources.
  2. Purchase more capacity resource to get your app the needed processing throughput.

Suggestions to increase the gap between workflows are from category 1 of things you could do, but usually it’s hard to give good advice here because it requires getting into the nitty-gritty of what you’re actually trying to do with your data, which is usually not easy :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :+1:


Bulk operation will work, because Bubble calculates actual capacity, and run faster or slower depending on demand.

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not trying to steal the post, but does anybody know how to schedule a recurring Back end WF without an event triggering the WF?, just time, same day, the same boring task

There are a few ways to do this. I usually just make an admin page for myself to start off the workflow. Then you can schedule it to run itself in one day, or one week, or one month. It will repeat until you stop it. You can even remove the button after you have it started if you want.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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yes, I thought about that but I was lazy to create an admin page, other option I was thinking when page loads and user count=0. thanks!

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Yeah. Makes sense. :blush: Glad that will work for you.