Is there any way to set a default numeric range data type?

I’m thinking with a workflow or "make changes to a current user, but I can’t seem to think of a way to do this.

You can indicate the default number in the workflow action.

Do you want the same numeric range for every user?

Yes to start. Then modifiable after using a slider. But initially the same yes.

You can set a default amount on the datatype field itself, so that when a new thing is created it will default to that value.

Then whenever the user changes the value, use a ‘make changes to a thing’ action and set the new range from that.

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Hmm I don’t see a default type for numeric range though unfortunately in the data type.

Ok, well just set it in the workflow that creates the user

You can set a default sum on the datatype field itself, so when another thing is made it will default to that worth.

Then, at that point at whatever point the client changes the worth, utilize a ‘make changes to a thing’ activity and set the new reach from that.

So I know how to do that. But how do I input the range in a way Bubble will recognize. I’ve tried Range = 18:100; Range = 18,100 ; Range = [18,100] … nothing has worked

The default option on the datatype is not available for numeric range for some reason

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I think you might need to have the start and finish of a range saved in your database - then you pick the start number use the <-range-> operator and pick the end number.

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Option set may be useful here if it’s a fixed range (I haven’t read all the previous responses,sorry if this was mentioned already)