Is there anyway to change bubble app owners?

I’d like to change my app owner from my personal account to be my school account. Anyway to do this? Or to redo the whole app again.
App on Hobby plan, not live yet, Thank you!

Also, I’ve used my google account to authenticate. My school’s email is also google’s. Thanks!

Yes, if you go into collaborators tab in settings, you can transfer.

Found it, Thanks!

Is this still the right way? I built an app for a friend and am currently on Legacy plan. To add my friend as a collaborator it looks like I need to upgrade to Growth plan @ $134/month… But, after I transfer ownership, he’ll be the only one to admin/manage the site and my account info will be deleted.

So, do I need to upgrade to growth, pay $134, add my friend, delete myself and then try to downgrade his account to the level he needs, Starter plan?

Or, should I export the app and then have him import it into a new account that he sets up with the Starter plan. If so, will export save all the settings of the app that I have created e.g. domain, CSS styles / themes, the base template I used to start the design, etc etc?

If you’re looking to transfer it, can’t you click ‘Transfer’ instead of invite collaborator? That sends it to their account and I don’t believe you need a paid plan for that.

If you transfer the app out of your account, your friend will have to subscribe to one of the new plans. That would be $29/mo if you used Starter + WU costs (the WU costs might be relevant if you haven’t optimised your app since the WU changes yet).

Yes, but no to domain (I think), and it won’t transfer the database. The database will be empty in the new app. This is only useful for non-live apps / templates.