Is this a bug? Stripe Plugin "update a customer" with Email not working properly

I’ve created a post regarding this problem earlier but I’m assuming this is a bug on the Stripe Plugin since I see no point of making this default.

Well here is the problem.
I wanted to update a user’s email on Stripe so, I called “update a customer” event, for a moment it looks like the change has been successfully made and the customer’s account email on the Stripe dashboard displays the new updated email. However, when you charge the customer (I used the Stripe plugin “Charge a customer” event), Stripe is looking up the email from the last session which the user has passed through.

Can anyone agree with me that this is a bug that Stripe plugin has made?
I’m not 100% sure because of the event from third party plugin Stripe.js (Stripe.js - customer - update) also acts the same.

I can’t believe no one encountered this problem, how are you guys switching the email for the user using Stripe???

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