Stripe plugin by Bubble - multiple transactions from same computer always tied to same customer

I have run into an issue, and I am not sure if this is a bug with the Stripe plugin or if this is something that is just not documented correctly. If a single charge is made successfully through Stripe, but then a second charge is passed to Stripe from the same computer, Bubble ignores the email address that we are trying to pass to Stripe in the Bubble workflow, and instead a Stripe customer ID is passed over instead. I am not even sure where this customer ID is stored - it seems to be temporary, as when I tried again 5 days later, it didn’t happen for the first charge on that day (but did for subsequent charges).

Here is a screenshot of our workflow:
Screenshot-2020-09-08 16_28_24

Email address is a required field, so this is always collected prior to the workflow being triggered. Here are some screenshots from the Stripe logs of the requests to create a checkout session.

First, when email address was entered, this was properly passed:

Then, when email address was entered, instead of customer_email being in the request, customer is used instead:
Screenshot-2020-09-08 16_31_29

The customer ID is not available as something I can pull back following a successful charge, so I am not sure where this is being stored or why it is being used here.

Does anyone have any insight here?


Hey there @adrohobyczer :wave:

That is frustrating. This probably wont work because of the step you are using. It says “Charge the current user”, so it doesn’t matter what the email says, it still attaches it to the current user.

I wish they had an option like they do for subscriptions:

Otherwise, you might need to use another plugin like Stripe.js to get your desired result. It’s just more complicated to set up.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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