Is this fetch-store-chart app flow possible?

Hi y’all,

I’m new to Bubble, and hoping to build a simple app for myself.

Basically, the app needs to:

  1. ask for some data (via form input),
  2. store the form data (in a database),
  3. then periodically (cron-like) call an external API (with the form data),
  4. store the API results on each fetch,
  5. parse some numeric values from the stored API results, and display these numeric values on a line chart (depicting movement/changes).

It seems like form, database and API request stuff should be easy with Bubble, but how can I do the final parsing and charting bit? Or are any other nocode tools better at some of these things, which I can combine together, although I’ll prefer a single tool for the whole app.

Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated.


This could all be accomplished using only Bubble, a backend workflow, and a couple plugins.

You need the API connector plugin.

you’ll need a chart plugin

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Thanks Jared.